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Prime Rate Increase July 2022

2022-07-14 | 13:21:45 So, the Bank of Canada has just increased the Overnight Rate by 1%, which means the mortgage lenders’ Prime Rate will also increase by 1% and become 4.70%.  One percent is a big increase in one go, and consider also that Prime has increased by 2...
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2022-07-14 | 13:21:45

Property Price Inflation in the GTA

2022-03-15 | 20:08:42 #housepricesslowingHot off the press – another of Kevin’s FAQs, this time about House Price Inflation in the GTA.  What’s happening with GTA residential property prices?House Price Inflation in the GTA starting to slow, mostly in the 905...
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2022-03-15 | 20:08:42

Bank of Canada Prime Rate Hike March 2022

2022-03-06 | 15:56:03 So, last week the Bank of Canada (BoC) increased the Bank Rate (aka overnight target rate) by 0.25% to 0.50%.  It’s the first rate hike since 2018, and it likely won’t be the last we’ll see this year.  How will this affect you and your...
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2022-03-06 | 15:56:03

Buying and Flipping New Construction Condos

2020-10-19 | 12:28:09 So, you've committed to buy a new construction condo, and you expect to sell it at a higher price just before closing, walking away with a tidy profit.  Simple eh?  Maybe not.There are a couple of issues.  First, values for existing condo...
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2020-10-19 | 12:28:09